collecting, processing, and verifying the records and submitting a settlement request for their VIA subsidy.

In 2020, ffiqs worked with Vipio, a website for directly booking special overnight stays and holidays in the Netherlands and Belgium. ffiqs assisted Vipio in collecting, processing, and checking the correct administration and submitting a settlement request for their VIA subsidy.

The challenge

In 2019, Vipio wanted to develop further and applied for a subsidy (VIA) from the Northern Netherlands Alliance (SNN). In order to account for the project, Vipio had to make a request for settlement which involved submitting a properly financially substantiated final report. During the approval phase, Vipio realised just how much administration is involved and asked ffiqs to support them. 

The solution

For this VIA subsidy, Vipio had to submit a request for settlement after the project had been completed. For this they had to process the administration related to the project and due to limited experience with this subsidy programme and the associated administrative burden, they were in danger of missing the deadline. Vipio asked ffiqs to help them and to guide the process through to final settlement. Ffiqs immediately submitted a request to move the deadline for the final settlement submission. We then mapped out the administrative requirements to ensure the new deadline for settlement was met. 

The result

Together with the client, ffiqs put the administration in order quickly and effectively. Excellent cooperation enabled Vipio to submit a complete settlement request on time.

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“ffiqs offered quick and expert support in the submission process. They had answers to all our questions and took a lot of the work off our hands.”

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