Grants and collaborations

What agreements do I need to make with my partners?

Where the is a collaboration within a grant project clear agreements must be made

If you cooperate with several parties in grant projects, you will soon notice that there are numerous legal pitfalls. Our experienced specialists know how many hurdles a collaboration project has to overcome from the very start. They do everything in their power to anticipate these hurdles and to provide you with advice and support. For example, consideration needs to be given to the establishment of intellectual property rights (IP), drawing up a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or a cooperation agreement or advising on a Horizon 2020 Grant Agreement.

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Working together pays off

Particularly in the case of European grants, cooperation is an obligation. This often leads to great results that you would be less likely to achieve as an individual company. But such cooperation also requires clear agreements. For example, on how the project will be carried out. And how to deal with existing and contributed knowledge. What is or will remain your property, especially when it comes to the project results? Important questions, which you should consider from the beginning, during the preparation of the grant project. But even with proper forethought, there may be situations that arise during the execution of a project that raise the question whether the project collaboration still meets the requirements, for example mergers, takeovers, or a change in the legal structure.

How can we support you?

ffiqs knows like no other the obstacles you may encounter in a cooperation project. We will do everything we can to support you from start to finish, and to bring the project to a successful conclusion – together. 

We offer the following services:


drafting of cooperation agreements, a Project Consortium Agreement, letters of intent, non-disclosure agreements, and so on;


advice on Horizon 2020 and other EU Grant Agreements;


negotiating drafts on your behalf and drafting the final agreements;


offering training and workshops.

We strive to prevent disputes from arising in the first place and to ensure that you and your project partners can focus on your core tasks. In this way we increase the chances of successful cooperation.

Would you like to know more about grants and cooperation?

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