WBSO implementation check

Mandatory communication of your WBSO administration

Did you receive a WBSO grant last year? Then you are obliged to report the hours worked and any costs and expenditures incurred to the RVO before 31 March 2021. If you submit this mandatory implementation report incorrectly or not in time, this may lead to a correction or even a fine. But rest assured, the ffiqs implementation check ensures that your WBSO administration is correct and accurate. We help you to optimise your fiscal advantage.

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Prevent errors in your implementation report

A correct WBSO administration is of great importance. In most cases the necessary statement is drawn up and submitted correctly, but if you do make an error in the administration, there is a good chance that you will also submit an incorrect statement. For example, an incorrect submission of non-WBSO hours. Or the allocation of an expense that is incorrectly substantiated. Such errors can lead to very difficult – but avoidable – situations if they are picked up on during an inspection by the RVO. A complete and well-organised WBSO project administration is the basis for a timely and correct declaration of implementation. ffiqs has the solution: the implementation check.

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What is an implementation check?

An implementation check is an integrated check of your WBSO implementation and the associated WBSO administration. We check whether your WBSO implementation is complete and correct. Do the costs included qualify and have they been correctly administered? Are the employees on the payroll of the requesting entity? These are all matters that are important for a correct statement.

The standard and comprehensive ffiqs implementation check

An integrated audit by our specialists reduces the risk of incorrect WBSO receipts and the underlying administration. During this audit we also look at further optimising your WBSO administration. ffiqs offers two different types of check: 

Standard implementation check

If your organisation opts for the standard implementation check, we will check your WBSO administration against the requirements of the scheme. Do the hours accounted for qualify for the scheme? Are all the relevant activities substantiated and included? Has anything been included which should not be? Do the costs and expenditures accounted for qualify for the scheme and have they been correctly administered? After the implementation check you will receive a report with our findings and recommendations. This enables you to immediately implement improvements within your WBSO administration in an accessible manner. And after the implementation check we can also submit the mandatory notification to the RVO on your behalf.

Extensive implementation check

Do you want to maximise your WBSO benefit and minimise the risks? Then choose our extensive implementation check. Where a standard implementation check is based on the supplied administration, during an extensive check we take a thorough look at the underlying processes and the set-up of the WBSO. Former RVO WBSO specialists, with extensive experience in carrying out and supervising WBSO controls on behalf of the government, supervise and carry out this extensive implementation check. During this extensive check they go through the entire WBSO process and identify risks and opportunities. After the extensive implementation check, you will receive a report containing the findings, the risks identified and recommendations. Of course, we can also take care of the obligatory notification to the RVO.

The table below shows the activities that ffiqs carries out in a standard and extensive implementation check.

ffiqs verzorgt Standaard realisatiecheck Uitgebreide
Integrale controle op uw WBSO-realisatie
Controle op uw WBSO-administratie
Rapport met bevindingen en
Uw verplichte mededeling aan RVO
Uitgebreide en tot in detail uitgevoerde controle op het WBSO-proces en onderliggende administratie (tijd, inhoudelijk en financieel)
ffiqs verzorgt  Standaard
controle op uw
Controle op
uw WBSO-
Rapport met
en aanbevelingen
Uw verplichte
aan RVO
Uitgebreide en
tot in detail
controle op het
WBSO-proces en
(tijd, inhoudelijk
en financieel)

More information about the ffiqs implementation check

Every organisation is unique and therefore customisation is required. We would be very happy to talk to you about which check best suits your organisation and its current requirements.

Are you curious what we can do for your organisation? Have your WBSO administration and implementation checked by one of our specialists. Please contact us to talk through the possibilities.

You can reach us on 088-8381381 or by using the contact form below. We will be happy to help you!