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Your company has received one or more grants, but now what? How do you ensure that you comply with all the applicable rules, meet the grant requirements, and keep your administration and reporting in order? ffiqs provides grant management services to take care of the entire grant process to guarantee that your organisation complies with all the conditions attached to your grant. ffiqs has the knowledge, tools, and capacity to make sure that your grant administration is fully compliant. Grant success guaranteed!

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Successful projects with a wide range of clients

Thanks to the significant number of grant projects we are involved in, a broad client base and extensive experience in many sectors and industries, we understand the challenges you face and offer relevant solutions based on our grant and project management experience.

“Within Attero we didn’t have sufficient knowledge of the requirements imposed by the grant scheme on the implementation of the project. ffiqs took a lot of work off our hands and guided the entire process. This allowed us to focus on our core business and do what we do best.”

“Optimising the grant administration process is specialist work. In ffiqs we have found a partner who makes it easier for our target group to realise their grants. ffiqs has managed to set up the process in such a way that they have taken a lot of the burden off our employees….”

“We had insufficient knowledge and expertise to report to the grant authority correctly and on time. At very short notice, ffiqs took care of this reporting for us and we could take a deep breathe again.”

Our services

Subsidieadministratie en -rapportage

Van advies tot en met uitvoering
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Subsidieaudit en accountantsverklaring

Onafhankelijk controle van een accountant
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Subsidiedesk en portfoliomanagement

Uw handen vrij voor uw kernactiviteiten
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Juristen met subsidierechtexpertise_
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Is uw project of subsidie staatssteunproof?_
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Subsidie en samenwerken

Welke afspraken maak ik met mijn partners?_
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Derdenverklaring NOW-subsidie_

Hulp met het verstrekken van een derdenverklaring.
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Accountantsverklaring NOW-subsidie

Hulp met het verstrekken van een accountantsverklaring.
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Verplichte mededeling van uw WBSO-administratie.
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Our services

subsidieadministratie en rapportage

Grant administration and reporting

From advice to implementation.
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subsidieaudit en accountantsverklaring

Grant audit and auditor’s report

Independent auditor’s report.
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subsidiedek en portfoliomanagement

Grant desk and portfolio management

Keeping your hands free for your core activities.
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bezwaar en beroep

Grant law_

Lawyers with expertise in grant law.
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State aid check_

Is your project or grant state aid proof? _
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subsidie en samenwerken

Grant and cooperation

What agreements do I need to make with my partners?_
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About ffiqs

Grant management is part of our DNA!
We have more than 20 highly experienced specialists who know the grant rules inside out, in letter and spirit. We thrive on assisting with the setting up and implementation of grant administrations. Complex matters, such as sorting out ongoing grant projects and portfolios, are part of our daily work. . Our core expertise lies in the field of finance & control, supplemented by legal experts on European law, state aid rules and (public) procurement. Our specialists work from offices throughout the Netherlands.

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Do you want to be sure that you are complying with all the relevant rules and regulations concerning your grant? Send us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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