Grant administration and reporting

From advice to implementation to successful grant reporting

Have you secured a grant for your project? That is great, but what challenges now lie ahead of you?

If you receive a grant, you must meet several financial, administrative, and reporting requirements. If you want to be sure that nothing has been overlooked, ffiqs can help you by advising you on, reviewing, setting-up, and implementing your grant administration and reporting.

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Our approach:

ffiqs supports clients with the following 4 service levels:



ffiqs informs you on the financial, administrative, and reporting requirements during the lifetime of your grant project. Based on our input, you will be able to set up your internal project organisation and procedures.



We check your grant administration, processes, and reports, so that you can be sure that they comply with all the obligations related to your grant. We also assist in the preparation of audits and review whether they are sufficiently in line with the guidelines of the grant authority.



We advise on the design of your financial project management, administration, and reporting procedures. We offer tools and train your staff. We help you develop your administrative organisation and internal controls (AO/IC). We also offer tools for financial project management and control.



If you wish, we can take on full responsibility for performing the necessary financial project management. We do the project administration, prepare the interim and final reports, and consult with the grant authority on your behalf. We also take care of the preparation, coordination and, if desired, the performance of compulsory external audits.

The choice is yours: you can hire us for full service support or choose tailormade individual services. Together we will look at what suits your organisation best. Contact us for more information

Every grant comes with obligations and requirements.

You will only receive the payments of the grant if you are able to account for the incurred costs related to your project. If you do not comply with the prescribed formats and deadlines, this can lead to lower grant payments or even fines. There are enough reasons, therefore, to take the grant rules very seriously.

All grants, especially European schemes, involve extensive financial and administrative obligations. Our clients often find it difficult to determine which obligations they need to fulfil. Carrying out these obligations can also bring extra pressure and workload on your key staff. ffiqs takes this burden off your shoulders and ensures that the entire process runs smoothly, from start to finish.

Would you like to know more about grant administration and reporting?

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